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    S$17.20 (tax incl.)

    • Refreshing menthol for icy cool sensation that instantly cools and refreshes skin
    • Japan ‘Watery Liquid’ formulation is lightweight, non-greasy and transparent on skin
    • Enriched with Vitamin C, B5 & E to keep skin soft & healthy
    • Water resistant. Ideal for long hours water & outdoor activities
    • Colorant free. Low irritation
    • 35g

    Data sheet

    • Weight - 35g

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    Solarex-3 technology which provides superior photo-stable protection, high moisture retention and protects against premature aging caused by UV rays

    Photostable, Broad Spectrum UVA & UVB Protection
    Combines multiple UV filters that do not break down or degrade easily under the sun to provide long lasting protection

    Protects against Photoaging
    With Rona Care Ectoin from Germany & Golden Seaweed Extract from France to help fight free radicals and protect against sun damage and skin aging caused by UV rays

    Intense Hydration
    With Hyaluronic Acid to effectively hydrate and lock-in moisture on skin to provide all-day hydration